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Welcome to Sunshine Discoveries!

My name is Stephanie Verry. I am an Intuitive as well as a Certified Professional Life Coach and Holistic Practitioner specializing in matters of the Heart and Soul.


Do You ...



Feel like you are living in the dark or in someone else’s shadow?


Sense that something is missing from your life?


At times feel fragmented or broken?


Know that you exert more energy for someone else’s happiness than your own?

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What If I Told You That I Have Methods & Tools to Help You ...


*Ignite Your Passion


*See Your Purpose


*Shift Your Priorities


*Embrace a New Perspective



All while finding the Heart of Your Soul, Your True Self!

It's Time to Heal!

Procrastinating and unable to make decisions…


Simple joys have gotten lost in the bustle of life…


Bored, uninterested and unmotivated…


You find yourself forgetting to make time for YOU…


Lacking self-confidence / self-esteem…


You are drowning in chaos and drama…


You would like to learn how to release negative energies from your life with grace and ease…


You are at a cross roads and want assistance in which direction to take…


You want to find the REAL You…


You just want to be HAPPY…

YOU ARE NOT ALONE! ◊ Get ready to JumpStart Your Life. ◊ Proven methods to get you moving forward. ◊ Judgment Free Zone. ◊ Rock solid support.

I see people who have similar situations all the time, and I’VE BEEN THERE!


I wouldn’t ask you to try anything that I haven’t tried myself.


In a sacred and safe space, we will gently peel back the layers of fear, confusion, and limiting beliefs that are keeping you stuck and replace them with Light, Unconditional Love, and Joy!


Take the first step to a more balanced and healthier YOU and let’s work together to gain momentum to the Heart of Your Soul!



Find The Heart of My Soul


What an honor it is to help countless women find their true self and believe in their full potential! I firmly believe that every single one of us has beauty within us. No matter what your background is, you are a star and being given the opportunity to make that light shine clearer and brighter helps design your legacy.


  • • What can I say about Stephanie? Where to start! She lights up your life with her personality and wit! Take the step and see what she has to offer!


  • Stephanie is fun to work with. She is calming and relaxing and is great at what she does.


  • • Stephanie is passionate about moving people from struggle to ease. She has used her laser focus to help me dissolve old beliefs that no longer serve me.


  • • I love working with Stephanie! She is such a talented healer and reader. One of my favorite things she offers though is life coaching. If ever I am having a bit of a wobble, she walks me through helping me to find new perspectives, strengths, and solutions. She offers an amazing bundle for life coaching sessions.


Sunshine Discoveries has tools, resources and methods

to help you answer your questions and more!


Let’s take the next step together beautiful one!

Click the Link Below When You are Ready to Find the Heart of Your Soul!