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Inspiring Soul Transformation

Soul-Centered Life Coaching

& Holistic Healing

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Sunshine Discoveries has two very important Missions.


*Aligning Women with their Life Purpose by Helping them Unleash their Inner Strength and Practice Authentic Self-Love.


*Guidance to Divine Connection and Awakened Wisdom. 



My name is Stephanie Verry. I am a Certified Professional Life Coach and Holistic Healer. Holistic means that in everything we do together, you and I will be working on a healthy balance of body, mind and spirit.  Unbalance often creates physical sickness, increased anxiety or depression. The more these areas come into balance, you will see dramatic shifts in your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual self.


Take Back Your Life!


Many times we lose ourselves in taking care of others and forgetting what it means to care for self. Now is the time to TAKE BACK YOUR LIFE! Now is the time to FIND YOUR TRUE SELF!


Take Back Your Courage!


It can be scary to think about making changes in our life. But with the right direction, tools, and tribe behind us, that JOURNEY TO EMPOWERMENT IS POSSIBLE!


Take Back Your Power!


It is time to build yourself up and fully feel within every fiber of your being that YOU ARE ENOUGH! And YOU ARE WORTH IT! The power behind these beliefs will be the motivation to move you forward into your TRUE IDENTITY.


Although there are many modalities listed within this site, I fully believe in working together as a team to design a plan specific to your personal needs. This plan may include a combination of coaching and healing modalities. To create alignment and balance we will identify and follow your soul purpose, dissolve old beliefs that no longer serve, and work together to heighten your own intuition while you learn more about yourself along the way. And most importantly, we will have FUN while we are at it!


Whether you are trying to get to the other side of a specific challenge, or are trying to connect to “the other side” for support, let’s take the journey together!




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It's Time to Heal!
The Journey

Your personal and spiritual journey is unique to YOU. Long before you arrived in this world, your soul made agreements on what life lessons were to be learned. Yet there are so many components affecting how this journey unfolds.


It takes complete unconditional love, support and motivation, along with the right healing tools to aid in the balance of mind, body and soul through the journey.

Peel It to Heal It

Our world is in a time of great transformation! You may have noticed that some things are coming up that make you feel uncomfortable.


Layers upon layers of things from our subconscious are coming to the surface to be evaluated by our conscious-self and healed. Yes, even Lightworkers are feeling and experiencing the shift.


There are times that it is imperative to be gentle with ourselves as we go through the tough stuff. Letting the emotions flow until they are no longer needed is a wonderful component of healing. Take the time to live in the moment; let the tears flow and the emotions be felt, not consumed. Look for the gifts and lessons from each moment. Ask for Divine Light and Love to heal you.


Finding stubborn beliefs or old habits that no longer serve us is another component to the healing process. During these times we really need to make an extra effort to shake things up a bit, allowing for the blocks to be released so we can move forward. Beliefs, personal agreements and resentments can hold you in place. To manifest love and abundance in life, it is necessary to let these go. With the right support and guidance, anything is possible!


Procrastinating and unable to make decisions…


Simple joys have gotten lost in the bustle of life…


Bored, uninterested and unmotivated…


You find yourself forgetting to make time for YOU…


Lacking self-confidence / self-esteem…


You are drowning in chaos and drama…


You would like to learn how to release negative energies from your life with grace and ease…


You are at a cross roads and want assistance in which direction to take…


You want to find the REAL You…


You just want to be HAPPY…

YOU ARE NOT ALONE! ◊ Get ready to JumpStart Your Life. ◊ Proven methods to get you moving forward. ◊ Judgment Free Zone. ◊ Rock solid support.

I see people who have similar situations all the time.

Take the first step to a more balanced and healthier YOU and let’s work together to gain momentum!



Get to the Other Side



What an honor it is to help countless women find their true self and believe in their full potential! I firmly believe that every single one of us has beauty within us. No matter what your background is, you are a star and being given the opportunity to make that light shine clearer and brighter helps design your legacy.


  • What can I say about Stephanie? Where to start! She lights up your life with her personality and wit! Take the time to meet her, get to know her and find out what she can offer you!


  • Stephanie is fun to work with. She is calming and relaxing and is great at what she does. The vision statement made me cry with happiness. I am looking forward to continuing to work with her.


  • Stephanie is passionate about moving people from struggle to ease. She has used her laser focus to help me dissolve old beliefs that no longer serve me.


  • I love working with Stephanie! She is such a talented healer and reader. One of my favorite things she offers though is life coaching. If ever I am having a bit of a wobble, she walks me through helping me to find new perspectives, strengths, and solutions. She offers an amazing bundle for life coaching sessions.

Is this feeling that there is more out there real?


Why do you see, feel, or hear things that others can’t?


Why are you drawn to metaphysical or paranormal information?


Is there really anyone in a higher realm to help?


Can your loved ones who have passed see or hear you?

We Are NOT Alone!

Although I have lived through many difficult circumstances, my faith has always been my foundation for hope. I have experienced many unexplained phenomena throughout my life, but usually passed it off as my wild imagination. That is, until the fall of 2015 when some profound experiences showed me that we truly are not alone and there is more out there than most people are taught.


My personal Spiritual Awakening has been a fabulous journey! And I invite anyone who is interested in learning more to join me. The Great Mystery is so expanse, yet we are given opportunities to to watch some pretty spectacular things unfold! It is all a part of the healing process and we are given gifts to help us discover our True Self!

Stephanie from Sunshine Discoveries has tools, resources and methods

to help you answer these questions and more!


Let’s take the next step together beautiful one!

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